1947 Summer of India by Michael Rupam Makhal (Parts and Score PDF)


1947 Summer of India by Michael Rupam Makhal

The piece was originally written for Cello solo along with the string orchestra. Here, it is avail for Violin solo and string orchestra.

1947 Summer of India is partly based on the pentatonic structure of Raga Bhopali. This Raga Bhopali is a very well-known raga in Indian music and majorly used in music compositions for joyful mood, spiritual mood, religious songs, folk dance and in traditional Indian theatrical context too. 1947 Summer of India, as the title says, written in celebration of the Independence of India in 1947. It’s a jovial piece composed on a very rich Indian folkish and rhythmic foundation. The texture of the rhythm connects with the life and soul of the rural India, celebrating the freedom with all its innocence.

1947 Summer of India on YouTube: Click Here

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Michael Rupam Makhal is a Western Classical musician from India. He has been teaching music, mainly Violin for more than 15 years. He is the founder and director of music at the prestigious Indo-European Youth Orchestra. Michael’s main style of music composing is largely based on Indian Ragas and folk rhythms. He finds it a great way to share Indian music with the world. Indian classical music comes from thousands of years of practice in the Indian subcontinent. Pt. Ravi Shankar made it famous with Yehudi Menuhin in the mid-20th century. Today, it has a big loving audience all over the world.

Michael believes, that today’s music students find it interesting to perform Indian music in a repertoire of Classical greats, which encourages them to imagine the possibilities they have to expand the horizon of music and culture by sharing and collaborating with the world. Makhal wishes to keep contributing to society as a teacher and encourage young people to learn musical instruments, singing as well as music composing.

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