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Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Private Limited (MMSO) (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the website: https://talentze.com/

Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Private Limited (MMSO) manages/runs/leads https://talentze.com/, thus, the website https://talentze.com/ is fully under the control of Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Private Limited (MMSO).

Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Private Limited (MMSO) is a registered Private Limited Company in India. GSTIN: 36AAICM7478D1Z5 CIN: U93000TG2013PTC089277

T&C of www.talentze.com

Terms & Conditions and Rules & Regulations for Customers (Learners/Students)

Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra (MMSO) is a service provider, will be looking at providing varieties of extracurricular activities, music, dance, performing arts, art, hobby, games, educational, voice, corporate and tech-related, and similar classes and lessons by an exclusive line-up of teachers who are chosen by us based on the musical merit/qualification. We are bringing the much-needed music learning opportunity right to the house of the learners, through our online lesson service providing website. We will also organize online workshops, masterclasses, and similar online events.


Any student/buyer/learner who will book a lesson from our platform – talentze.com/ will be provided the link of the Terms & Conditions page and Privacy Policy page at the payment section, and unless the student/buyer/learner agrees to the Terms & Conditions by clicking ‘Tick’ in the box, payment can not be made. Therefore, it will be understood that any student/buyer/learner who books the lesson (one slot or more), has gone through the Terms & Conditions page and Privacy Policy page and have no objection to them, that’s why they made the payment(s). By making the payments they determine and confirm that they clearly understand our (MMSO’s) Company-Policies, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy and have no doubt or confusion on the same. They will fully adhere to everything mentioned on this page and never raise any objection to anything mentioned on this page.

The Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations and Company-Policies for Music Lesson services are mentioned below:

Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra (MMSO) is a service provider, about to launch a platform, that will be providing various lessons and classes through an exclusive lineup of teachers who are chosen by us based on the merit/qualification. We are bringing the much-needed online music learning opportunity right from the house of the learners, through our e-learning platform. We will be looking at providing varieties of extracurricular activities, music, dance, performing arts, art, hobby, games, educational, voice, corporate and tech-related, and similar classes and lessons through our website https://talentze.com/

  • 1. While booking lessons, the learner/customer will have to choose the number of lessons he/she wants to book and also, the ‘preferable time period’. The preferable time period means, the learner/customer prefers that particular time period from the availability, however, it will completely depend on the teacher/instructor to decide which slot he/she will offer to the learner/customer within that time period chosen by the learner/customer. For example, if the learner/customer chooses the preferred time period of Sunday 4 pm to 6 pm, the teacher will offer either the 4 pm slot or 5 pm, or maybe 6 pm as per his/her availability, and the learner/customer has to adhere to that. However, if the learner/customer requests for change in time-slot and if the teacher is comfortable with that, he/she might help on the same. However, our management can’t guarantee that and changing of day or time for lessons will be depending on the teacher entirely to accept the request or not. Therefore, we would advise the learners/customer to choose a particular time period from the available periods if you can manage any time-slot of 45 minutes within the entire preferable time period.
  • 2. If the student/buyer/learner has a proper broadband connection for good internet speed for the lessons, should go for our service. Online lessons are difficult with slow internet speed.
  • 3. If the student/customer/learner is comfortable and experienced online video chat platforms, namely, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom similar then only they should go for our service. We may go for some other mediums if there is a better option as per our understanding. Students should be flexible in switching online video chat mediums.
  • 4. MMSO / talentze.com will not be responsible for slow internet or technical issues from broadband/internet services from student and teacher end, it is well known that internet speed drops without notice and anyone can be a victim that, we can not be held responsible for that, neither we can refund for such issues.
  • 5. MMSO / talentze.com will not be responsible for technical issues with the respective video chat medium, screen sharing platform, it is well known that technical errors as usual in any online medium and they occur without notice and anyone can be a victim that, we can not be held responsible for that, neither we can refund for such issues.
  • 6. If a student misses the lesson and doesn’t inform us at least 24 hours before the lesson time, the fees for that lesson will be not be adjusted or refunded. But, if they inform us (or to the teacher) prior to 24 hours before the lesson time, we will adjust with another slot as per the choice and convenience of the teacher/instructor. However, we would advise the learners/customers to inform the respective teacher/instructor about the un-availability as early as possible so the teacher can find an alternative time-slot for the rescheduling of the lesson. It would be almost impossible for any teacher to arrange an alternative slot at the last moment.
  • 7. If the teacher misses the lesson for illness or any urgent reason, he/she will reschedule the particular lesson by communicating with the student. However, if the respective teacher is going to be unavailable for a longer period of time, and if we have another teacher from the same subject and free in that slot, we will try to provide a temporary/substitute teacher to the learner for that slot so the student/learner can continue having lessons.
  • 8. Initially, a brief bio of the teacher(s) will be shared with the prospective student(s), later, once the student pays the fee and books the lessons, he/she will be introduced to the contact and other details of the teacher/instructor through email. Students/learners are welcome to keep contact with the teacher/instructor over WhatsApp and mobile phone for lessons, however, for any official matter and management related matter, students/learners are requested to write to us and communicate with us. It is also important to remember that, if any student tries to offer a private job or private lesson to the teachers, the respective student will be terminated from the lessons forever for trying to misuse our service. Our teachers are bound in agreement and any such offer shall be reported to us by them immediately.
  • 9. We are facilitating exclusive online classes and lessons by extremely professional teachers; we judge their qualifications and skills, experience in order to give them the opportunity to provide online lessons/classes through our platform. However, it is impossible for us to know and make certain of the character of any person be it the teacher or any other staff. If the teacher indulges in unlawful/vulgar or any similar act, the student can take necessary action on the teacher as per the law of the land and he/she will get full necessary cooperation from our side. However, our company will not be responsible for any such action of the freelance teacher (luring, vulgarity, sexual, unlawful, and similar acts), MMSO/ Talentze.com authority will not be put liable for any such activity of the teacher as per this T&C. It is advised to the learners to inform us soon they face any wrong behavior form the teacher, so we get aware of the situation as well and can attend to the matter.
  • 10. It is important for the learners to know if they start having lessons from a particular teacher introduced by us outside our platform of www.talentze.com privately, then they will not be counted as the customer of www.talentze.com / MMSO anymore, and if they are treated wrongly by the teacher, we will not be able to help as the parties are not buying and providing the service through Talentze.com / MMSO. It is unlawful for the teacher to offer learners introduced by talentze.com/ / MMSO any kind of private lessons or services without the knowledge and permission of www.talentze.com / MMSO.
  • 11. Learners/customers must inform us immediately if the teacher tries to offer them another price for learning from him/her privately and outside the platform of www.talentze.com / MMSO , because our teachers/instructors are bound informal agreement with www.talentze.com / MMSO, which states that they can’t offer the learners private lessons outside talentze.com/platform who are getting introduced from and by www.talentze.com / MMSO.
  • 12. If you are an existing and regular student having a fixed lesson-slot, please choose ‘I Already Have My Slot’ in the below ‘Preferred Time Period’ section. If you are not a regular student and miss lessons quite often, you might lose your fixed slot as the tutor could pass your slot to another student.


Our platform www.talentze.com under the management of Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Pvt. Ltd. uses leading payment gateways and payments systems for domestic and international customers. It is important to note that, MMSO shall not be responsible and liable for any fraudulent related activity to payments, because we do not collect any bank account or card details of any customer. We are using one of the leading payment gateway companies in India PayU Payment Gateway and PayPal Payments System which handles the payments for our website https://talentze.com/, they are solely liable for any such issues. Please book lessons with us only if you understand and agree to this matter.

PayU Payment Gateway

Website: https://payu.in/ and https://www.paypal.com/in/webapps/mpp/home

Privacy Policy: https://payu.in/privacy-policy

Terms & Conditions: https://payu.in/tnc

PayPal Holdings, Inc

Website: https://www.paypal.com/us/home

Privacy Policy: https://www.paypal.com/in/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full

Terms & Conditions: https://www.paypal.com/in/webapps/mpp/ua/useragreement-full

Refunds/Cancellation of Music Lesson/Slot

  • Cancellations only accepted within 24 hours of paying and booking the service/lesson.
  • No cancellation will be accepted after 24 hours of the booking of the service/lesson.
  • For cancellation, the buyer must send us an email with the request within 24 hours of making the payment, it will only be processed after receiving the email. The buyer can email us from the contact page or email at info@musiclesson.in It may take from 5 working days to 30 working days to get the cancellation fee credited to the buyer’s account.
  • Refunds will be allowed only if the learner and teacher fail to finalize the lesson time (slot) from the ‘Preferred Time Period’ chosen by the learner within 5 days of making payment. Additional time can be allowed for the learner if the teacher takes time to decide and reply to the learner.
  • If the teacher provides the 45 minutes lesson-slot within the ‘preferred time period/ chosen by the learner within the 5 days of making payment and the learner is not willing to take it, there won’t be any refund made on this matter.
  • The learner has to accept the time-slot offered by the teacher/tutor from the ‘preferred time period’ chosen by the learner while making the payment and booking the block(s).

Woocommerce (Open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress)

Website: https://woocommerce.com/

Privacy Policy: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/marketplace-privacy/

PDF Invoice and Invoice Link

  • The PDF invoices will be automatically / manually generated with the plugin/software from the website and will be sent to the customer/student through email, either in PDF format or with the invoice download link or both.
  • The Invoice will be automatically sent to the customer/student at the email ID given by the customer/student while making the booking/payment. If the email ID is correct the Invoice will never reach the customer/student and the customer/student is fully and solely responsible for that. Providing the wrong email ID is considered wrongdoing by the customer/student.
  • Customers/Students are solely responsible for the address and other details are given by them while making the booking/payment. The address of the customer will be mentioned in the Invoice. Providing the wrong address and contact details are considered wrongdoing by the customer/student.
  • At times due to unforeseen/unpredictable/unknown situation, we may face technical/unknown/complicated/natural cause/pandemic and similar issues which might cause disruption in our service, which further might cause issues in sending the Invoice (PDF and Link) to the customers/students, those situations could be entirely out of our control, the customer/student agrees to cooperate in such situation and will never hold anything against Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Pvt. Ltd. and taentze.com for the delay in sending the Invoice (at any format or link) for an indefinite time period.
  • A successful making of booking/payment determiners that the customer/student has gone through this T&C page and agrees to the Invoice policy as mentioned herewith best of mind and understanding and will never hold anything against Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Pvt. Ltd. and taentze.com related to Invoice.

The Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations and Company-Policies for Online Workshop are mentioned below:


1. This particular terms & conditions shall serve for the respective Online Workshops for which the link of this T&C has been shared with the client (customer/student/parent).

2. The term ‘Online Workshops’ refers to any online workshop that is organized by MMSO and with www.talentze.com, it could be the ‘Music Workshop’, ‘Art, Dance, Publick speaking, Photography and many kinds of Workshops’. We will have guest teachers and our in-house teachers both for respective workshops.


Date & Time: As mentioned in the Website Page, Introduction/Promotional Email.

Online Platform: The online workshop will be conducted on Zoom (or similar platform)

Number of Participants in the Workshop: As mentioned in the Introduction/Promotional Email. This may vary based on different workshops.

Workshop Duration: Generally the online workshops are conducted for Two days – Ninety minutes each day, Or the particular duration mentioned in the respective Introduction/Promotional Email. This may vary based on different workshops from time to time.

Workshop Language: English

Participation Fee: As mentioned in the Introduction/Promotional Email.

Certificate: Every participant will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’ through email (softcopy without signature). Please note, the certificate won’t have the signature of the Master and Project Head, but their name will be mentioned in the certificate

1. The making of the successful payment by the client (customer/student/parent) for any of the online workshop projects organized by MMSO against the invoice raised by MMSO or through the payment gateway at www.talentze.com, the client will determine and confirm that the client has gone through the terms & conditions as mentioned in this draft, understood the draft properly and fully agreed to everything mentioned in this draft without any doubt, hesitation, or confusion.

2. You (the student) are requested to attend the workshop on time and also follow any further guidelines given to you for the workshop.

3. Students are not allowed to record the workshop-sessions by any means.

4. We will be conducting the workshop on Zoom, by agreeing to participate in the workshop you determine and declare that you understand how Zoom works and you will use the platform Zoom on your own will and responsibility.

5. MMSO will hold all the rights to record the Online Workshops and use the footage and photos for promotional purposes on Social media, websites, and other platforms. By participating in the Online Workshop the client (customer/student/parent) unconditionally gives his/her full consent to Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Pvt. Ltd. for the usage of the footage and photos from the Online Workshop without the expectation of any kind of compaction. The client (customer/student/parent) confirms that he/she will never hold MMSO liable for using the footage and photos from the Online Workshop. These terms & conditions apply for all the Online Workshops organized by Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Pvt. Ltd.

6. In the Online Workshop, during the session, everyone should strictly maintain the ‘classroom decorum’ throughout the session. The organization (MMSO) retains the right to discontinue any student for misconduct without any refunds.

7. If MMSO fails to conduct the workshop, it will return the full 100% fee to the student within two weeks of time and will not be held responsible or liable for anything else.

8. The participation fee (payment) will not be refunded for no-show of the student or for any other reason from the student’s/client’s side.

9. The date and time might get changed or modify anytime due to unforeseen situations, a sudden request from the master, or unpredictable circumstances. The same shall be informed to the client/student and the client/student can request a full refund within 48 hours of the announcement of the changes in time and date to MMSO with an official request letter. The refund will be made within 5 to 14 working days.

Changes To The Terms & Conditions and Company Policy

We may update/modify/edit our Terms & Conditions and Company Policies from time to time. It is important for the existing and new students/learners/customers both to keep checking this page for the updates.

If you are currently using our service and an active customer, and if we update the Terms & Conditions and Company Policies related to the service you are availing from us, we will notify you about that when it is updated. However, considering the Coronavirus Pandemic situation, everyone is going through a challenging time and trying to cope-up with the changes in life, so, there are chances that we might missout in informing the client (customer/student/parent) about some changes and updates, therefore, we request the customers to check the Terms & Conditions page periodically. The client (customer/student/parent) agrees to not hold MMSO responsible for the same.

If you are not using our service currently but have been our customer in the past and not an active user of our services, we would advise you to review this Terms & Conditions page section periodically to find out if there are any changes/modifications have been made and updated. We will not notify/inform the inactive users and the former users of our services about the changes/updates of the Terms & Conditions and Company-Policies.

Privacy Policy

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If you have any questions about the Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations, Company-Policy, please write to us at makhalsymphony@gmail.com

Registered Address: F.No. 205, Hiline Complex, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills Hyderabad- 500034, Telangana State, INDIA.

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