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Classes of All Levels


Classical Guitar

Monthly Classes Classical guitars are derived from the Spanish vihuela and gittern in the fifteenth and sixteenth century. View Details


Monthly Classes Singing is a human nature, its not just an art. At present we are offering Hindustani Classical (Indian) Voice Lessons. View Details

 Jewellery Designing

Quarterly Course

Learn Jewellery Designing with one of the finest in the industry with the experience over 15 years in the field.

View Details


Piano on Western Classical Music

Monthly Lessons Piano was made famous by the Romantic and Modern era composers like Chopin and Liszt. Learn Piano/Keyboard with us. View Details

Indian Carnatic & Hindustani Classical Vocal 

Monthly Classes Indian Classical music is admired by the whole world. Learn Carnatic and Hindustani Classical music with us. View Details

Violin on Western Classical Music

Monthly Classes Violin is a majestic instrument. Learn Western Classical Violin with us, also appear for ABRSM / Trinity College examination. View Details

Learn how to play Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven and likes on your Violin!

“Don’t just play the Violin, make it sing”
- Michael Makhal

Our Top Music Instructors

Our instructors believe in inspiring and educating the students by making every class interesting and enjoyable
S Longchar

S Longchar

Western Classical Piano

P Ponmathi

P Ponmathi

Indian Carnatic Classical Vocal and Veena

A Nayak

A Nayak

Western Classical Violin

Happy Parents & Students

Mr. Nayak is a very talented artist and a wonderful teacher. He is gentle, patient and receptive. His professionalism and work ethic evoke respect. His charming smile is endearing. My 10 year old daughter loves him. His music lessons are something she looks forward to and never wants to miss. She loves to practice her lessons and looks forward to his feedback. In short, Mr. Nayak is the kind of teacher every music-loving student would value and cherish.
- Parent

My daughter is learning Piano and Music Theory from Ms Longchar. Amongst the teachers she had so far, Ms Longchar is the best. She explains theory and dynamics very well. When student gets anxious that things don’t get right while learning a piece, she puts student at ease with her gentle talk.
- Parent

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